Danya Lette


Feb 7, 2015

Oulipoidal Poegenic Potentiomat



i made a thing. the purpose of this thing is for you to make a thing also. y’know? so, make something! (And you should totally send me a screenshot of the thing that you make.)

Oct 31, 2014

Conway’s GOLf

animation games javascript

In my free time, I’m making a game based on conway’s game of life. Here’s the result of my work so far. Obviously, it’s not a game yet, but it is a functional cellular automaton written in javascript.

Click on a cell to flip its state, or drag to paint on living cells.


In this example, the starting state of living cells is called a “pulsar” – an example of a cyclic form with a period of 3. In other words, if you step 3 times it will return to the original state.
Click on the cells to turn them on or off – maybe you can find other stable or cyclic forms.